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In the (∞,1)-topos Top to every object – every topological spaceXX is associated the set π 0(X)\pi_0(X) of connected components and the homotopy groups π n(X,x)\pi_n(X,x) for xXx \in X and nn \in \mathbb{N}, n>0n\gt 0.

By the general logic of space, we may think of the objects in an arbitrary ∞-stack (∞,1)-topos as generalized spaces of sorts. Accordingly, there is a notion of homotopy groups of an \infty-stack .

But care has to be taken. It turns out that there are actually two different notions of homotopy groups in an arbitrary (,1)(\infty,1)-topos, two notions that accidentally coincide for Top:

For instance let H=Sh (,1)(Diff)\mathbf{H} = Sh_{(\infty,1)}(Diff) be the (,1)(\infty,1)-topos of Lie ∞-groupoids. An ordinary smooth manifold XX is represented in H\mathbf{H} by a sheaf of sets on Diff. This has no higher nontrivial categorical homotopy groups – π n>0 cat(X)=0\pi_{n \gt 0}^{cat}(X) = 0 – reflecting the fact regarded as a smooth ∞-groupoid, XX is a categorically discrete groupoid.

But of course the manifold XX may have nontrivial homotopy groups in terms of its underlying topological space. For instance if X=S 1X = S^1 is the circle, then the geometric first homotopy group is nontrivial, π 1 geom(X)=\pi_1^{geom}(X) = \mathbb{Z}.

We discuss below both cases. The case of categorical homotopy groups is fully understood, for the case of geometric homotopy groups at the moment only a few aspects are in the literature, more is in the making. Some authors of this page (U.S.) thank Richard Williamson for pointing this out.

Categorical homotopy groups

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Geometric homotopy groups

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