Sakura Schäfer-Nameki

Selected writings

On single trace operators/BMN operators in D=4 N=4 super Yang-Mills theory identified as integrable spin chains with respect to the dilatation operator, and the correspondence of their spectrum with the classical Green-Schwarz superstring on AdS5 under the AdS/CFT correspondence:

On D-branes in Gepner models via boundary conformal field theory:

On the 3d-3d correspondence:

On relating the AGT-correspondence to the D=6 N=(2,0) SCFT (and the moduli space of monopoles):

On Higgs bundles and M-theory on G2-manifolds:

On F-theory on Spin(7)-manifolds/M-theory on Spin(7)-manifolds and variant of the compact twisted connected sum G2-manifolds:

On duality of M-theory on G2-manifolds with heterotic string theory on CY3-manifolds:

On F/M-theory on elliptically fibered Calabi-Yau 5-folds, relating to D=2 N=(2,0) SCFT:

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