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(gauged) supergravity in dimension 3.


Possible gaugings

The (U-duality-)global gauge group of maximally supersymmetric 3d supergravity is E8 (its split real form E 8(8)E_{8(8)}). Various subgroups of this may be promoted to local gauge groups (with gauge fields in gauged supergravity), which may be obtained via (fluxed) KK-compactification of 11-dimensional supergravity. However, 3d supergravity also admits a maximal gauging where all of E 8(8)E_{8(8)} is promoted to a local gauge group (Nicolai-Samtleben 00, Nicolai-Samtleben 01, table 1)). This maximal gauging in 3d supergravity is not obtained by reduction from standard 11-dimensional supergravity, see the remarks in (Nicolai-Samtleben 01, section 7) and see the followup (Hohm-Samtleben 13). In (de Wit-Nicolai 13, section 13) it is suggested that the seemingly missing degrees of freedom necessary to accomplish for U-duality-gauge enhancement after reduction may be sitting in a non-perturvative dual of the graviton (dual graviton).



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