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The Chern-Dold character is the natural generalization of the Chern character from topological K-theory to any generalized (Eilenberg-Steenrod) cohomology theory. It is given essentially by rationalization of coefficient spectra.


For EE a spectrum and E E^\bullet the generalized cohomology theory it represents

E (X)π Maps(X,E) E^\bullet(X) \;\simeq\; \pi_{-\bullet} Maps(X,E)

the Chern-Dold character for EE (Buchstaber 70) is the map induced by rationalization over the real numbers

EL E E \overset{L_{\mathbb{R}}}{\longrightarrow} E_{\mathbb{R}}

i.e. is

(1)chd:E (X)π Maps(X,E)π Maps(X,L )π Maps(X,E )E 𝔼 (X)H (X,π (E) ). chd \;\colon\; E^\bullet(X) \;\simeq\; \pi_{-\bullet}Maps(X,E) \overset{ \pi_{-\bullet}Maps(X,L_{\mathbb{R}}) }{\longrightarrow} \pi_{-\bullet}Maps(X,E_{\mathbb{R}}) \;\simeq\; E^\bullet_{\mathbb{E}}(X) \;\simeq\; H^\bullet(X, \pi_{\bullet}(E)\otimes_{\mathbb{Z}}\mathbb{R}) \,.

The very last equivalence in (1) is due to Dold 56, Cor. 4 (reviewed in detail in Rudyak 98, II.3.17, see also Gross 19, Def. 2.5).

One place where this neat state of affairs (1) is made fully explicit is Lind-Sati-Westerland 16, Def. 2.1. Many other references leave this statement somewhat in between the lines (e.g. Buchstaber 70, Upmeier 14) and, in addition, often without reference to Dold (e.g. Hopkins-Singer 02, Sec. 4.8, Bunke 12, Def. 4.45, Bunke-Gepner 13, Def. 2.1, Bunke-Nikolaus 14, p. 17).

Beware that some authors say Chern-Dold character for the full map in (1) (e.g. Buchstaber 70, Upmeier 14, Lind-Sati-Westerland 16, Def. 2.1), while other authors mean by this only that last equivalence in (1) (e.g. Rudyak 98, II.3.17, Gross 19, Def. 2.5).


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